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Applying for the Age Pension

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Are you having trouble applying for the Age Pension or looking for ways to maximize your pension benefits? You’re not alone. We are specialists operating in Penrith for the Age Pension. We help with maximising your Age Pension, applying for Age Pension, and fixing any issues with your Age Pension application and future updating of Assets and Income.  

Am I eligible for the Age Pension?

To be eligible for the Age Pension, you must meet a series of requirements. For a new applicant, you must be:

  • An Australian resident, living in Australia and applying from Australia.
  • Age 67 or older.
  • Meet the Assets and Income Tests.

To understand if you meet the Assets and Income test, you need to determine if you are a home owner and whether you are a single applicant, or part of a couple. The assets and income test update every 6 months, refer to the relevant Services Australia page, or please contact us if you need help.

Age Pension application

How do I apply for the Age Pension?

Applying for the Age Pension is done through your MyGov portal, with a linked Centrelink. You can apply up to 13 weeks before your 67th birthday.

You will need all sorts of documents, including identification, bank account statements, values of contents, cars and properties, shares, and superannuation balances. You may also need your partner’s superannuation balance depending on their age.

Do you want to maximise your Age Pension entitlement?

If you or want to increase your Age Pension entitlement, receiving financial advice may be appropriate for you. We have helped many retirees maximise their Age Pension, which, for some clients has resulted in tens of thousands of dollars more in Age Pension over their life.

We are Age Pension specialists and can increase your Age Pension entitlements. Our expertise includes knowing the true value of your assets or using specialist strategies to structure your retirement assets such as superannuation better.

Having trouble applying for the Age Pension?

If you are having trouble applying for the Age Pension in Penrith, MLS Financial are experts in solving your Centrelink issues. Depending on how much help you need and your financial situation, we have services ranging from one off fee for an Age Pension application, to full advice to get the most out of your retirement.

Next steps for MLS Financial to sort out your Age Pension:

If you are overwhelmed with dealing with Centrelink, sick of having to sit on hold for hours to get to a consultant, or having issues with applying through MyGov, contact MLS Financial for assistance on 1300 791 800 or our online contact form.

We will provide our expertise to ensure you are receiving the right service to maximise your Age Pension.

Author: Harrison Trippett


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