Pre-retirement Planning

Planning for your retirement is crucial. Without a plan you won’t know how much is required to retire on, and how much you can live on after work. This can mean you may retire too early and rely on the Age Pension, or working for years past when you could have retired. 

We create your plan in the decades before retiring to maximise your wealth, structure it appropriately and ensure that you have adequate protections in place to ensure you can retire with the lifestyle you desire.

Using superannuation for retirement income

Retirement Income

You’ve been thinking about retiring for the last 40 years, however now that it is here, you don’t actually know how you are going to fund your retirement lifestyle. Generating income in retirement and ensuring it meets your needs and lasts for your lifetime is a complex and daunting task.

We assist you to maximise your lifestyle in retirement. This includes a detailed plan for how you generate your income, minimising tax paid, taking advantage of Centrelink benefits, and helping you to make your money last as long as possible.


Your superannuation fund plays a vital role in maximising your future lifestyle. Ensuring that you are in the best fund for you, invested in the right assets and making sure you aren’t paying unnecessary fees can help to ensure the money you work for, is working just as hard for you.

Our job is to ensure that your superannuation fund is appropriate for you. Not only do we compare against some of the most competitive super funds in the market, we also help you to maximise your wealth with contributions and ensuring your investments are suitable to your situation.

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

You’ve thought about taking more control over your superannuation, or using your fund to purchase property or niche assets. A Self Managed Superannuation Fund is a way to have the most control over your superannuation and provides significant flexibility in what you want to invest in.

We can help to understand if an SMSF structure is right for you, including detailed cost comparisons, understanding the motive you want to use an SMSF and the pitfalls of this option. We can provide ongoing assistance with your investment strategy, understanding the legal superannuation requirements, and assistance with your SMSF Trustee requirements.

Life and Disability Insurances

Life can throw a spanner in the works, whether you break your leg on your weekly run, or develop a more serious condition which impacts on your ability to work. Life and disability insurances provide protection against these unforeseen events which can derail you from achieving your dreams, or even being able to meet the normal bills.
By creating a detailed risk analysis on what cover you require, MLS Financial is able to build a portfolio of insurance products to minimise the chances of injury, illness or accident causing you to miss out on your life goals.

We also provide insurance advice for business owners with more complex matters such as buy-sell agreements and keyman needs.


You want to build long term wealth and maximise the chances of you retiring early, or building a passive income stream but you are not sure how. Investing is the process of buying assets that will likely appreciate over time or generate returns through interest and dividends.

We help you to understand the intricacies of investing, including building a diversified investment portfolio, ensuring the risk you are taking is appropriate, and helping you to get started. We demystify what investing is, and help you to take control, and make the most of your finances.

Tax Minimisation

We all wish we could pay less tax. Some people can use their businesses to generate tax deductions such as office supplies or a new chair, however these purchases can be poor decisions in the long run as you are buying items that aren’t assets.

When we create a personalised plan, we can help you to minimise tax paid, whilst also using those deductions to purchase assets that will grow over time. We also have a big focus on maximising tax outcomes when we create your plan and structure your assets. There’s not much better than paying less tax in life!

Cash Flow

Understanding your cash flow and where your money is going is a daunting task. However, using this knowledge to create a better outcome for your future self is empowering.

We assist by helping you to create a budget and understanding of where your money is going. Creating a solid cashflow plan can also help you to maximise the wealth you can create in your lifetime, and also help you to minimise the chances of blowing your budget.

Aged Care

You’re worried about your parent’s health and their ability to live independently. Perhaps they have had a nasty fall trying to vacuum or are unable to get to the shops to buy food. Maybe it’s that dreaded conversation about moving to a residential aged care facility to ensure they have people around them that can help.

This is a daunting and complex process, not only having the conversations with your parents, but also where to start to get help. Our team is able to help you and your loved ones receive the help they need, as well as creating personalised plans to fund the costs required as well as help guide you through the process.

Debt Reduction

You’ve got that pesky debt that you can’t seem to pay down, or you’re not sure which debts are most important to pay first. Having debt means that your money is working against you, and can lead to stress, anxiety or doubt about the future.

We work with you to identify your financial situation, which includes a comprehensive discussion about the debts you have. We are able to provide strategies to minimise the long-term impact of debt on your situation, or help you to prioritise what debts you should be paying off first.

Social Security

Dealing with Centrelink can be a frightening and often frustrating task. Maybe you think that you are not receiving the right Age Pension entitlement, or you want some strategies to maximise the Age Pension you receive.

One of our specialties is maximising the Age Pension entitlement you receive in your retirement. This results in an increased income in retirement, drawing less from your own resources and having your assets last longer. For over 20 years we have helped our clients to receive what they are entitled to.

Estate Planning

You’ve spent your whole life building your wealth and want to leave a legacy to help your loved ones. Maybe you want to ensure that the government takes as little tax as possible from your estate. Your legacy can ensure that you can provide a helping hand to your loved ones, well after you have passed, however without proper planning, your legacy can be extinguished.

We work with your estate planning professionals, as well as provide strategies designed to help maximise the estate outcomes, whether this is ensuring money is received by certain loved ones, or ensuring your legacy is as tax effective as possible. After all, were you working hard all your life for the government to tax it again?